Pricing depends to some extent on what you need and how much time it take to deliver. However, here are some basic guidelines.

Change Readiness Assessments

These start from $4995.  This price includes an online assessment of your:

  • Capacity (the change fitness of your change leadership team and other stakeholders – up to 100 people)
  • Communications (the readiness of your stakeholders to ‘buy-into’ and engage with the change project – up to 100 people)
  • Competency (the readiness of your change management team to lead the change project – up to 25 people)

These assessments are completed via online surveys. You can choose who the surveys are issued to and when they are taken. The longest survey takes about 20 minutes to complete. The shortest takes about 8 minutes.

Once the surveys have been completed, we will analyse the findings and report back to your designated person. We will give you a snapshot of you current state of change readiness and suggest some possible ways forward. If you wish to proceed with our help, we could discuss ways to improve your change readiness and how we can support you in that.

Change Readiness Consultancy & Training

It is not possible to give an idea of pricing here because it all depends on what your needs are and what we need to do to support you. What we could provide you includes:

Change fitness coaching for your leadership team and for any other staff you would like to help. The change fitness assessment (see above) will identify the people who are most in need of such coaching. This coaching is provided by specially trained and certified change fitness coaches within our team.

Change fitness training. This is different from coaching in that training provides information only, whereas coaching provides information and develops the psychological capacities needed to be more successful at change.

Change leadership coaching and/or training for your leadership team.

Change management training. We can provide practical, evidenced-based change management training to support your change managers.

Change communications training. We can teach you how to shape change communications in ways that promote the change readiness of your teams.

Mentoring. If you would like a mentor to work with, we can help there.

Change Fitness Coach Training

The Personal Change Fitness Program is the first stage of our coach training and certification program. The price for this Program is $1650.

The Program takes 12 weeks to complete. There are no classes to attend. It involves 36 hours of online, individual work, a pre- and post- change fitness assessment, and approx. 6 hours one-on-one online coaching with a Certified Change Fitness Coach.

This Program is available world-wide (in English only). We have had participants from Australia, NZ, USA, Spain, UAE, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Netherlands, and Vietnam.

This Program is accredited by the International Coach Federation and carries 24 CCE units, 21 of which are Core Competency units.