We provide the following services to organisational team members. All services are provided online at times convenient to you.


Change Readiness Assessments
$ 50 From
  • Change Fitness
  • Engagement Readiness
  • Change Management Readiness

Individual Readiness Training

Warmups, Personal Change Fitness Program, Assessments
$ 2500 plus $150 per person
  • 5 x 90-minute Live Training (Warmups)
  • Personal Change Fitness Program (PCFP)
  • 2 x Change Fitness Assessments
  • Supplementary Resource Materials
  • Improvement Guarantee

Other Readiness Training

$ 500 From
  • Team Readiness
  • Organisational Readiness
  • Strategic Readiness


Change readiness training is a specialised type of training.  Dr Steve Barlow (Director of The Change Gym with a PhD in change readiness) has developed this training program to build the change fitness of individuals, teams and organisations. He uses this Change Fitness Training program to teach students in the Master of Leadership at the University of Tasmania (UTAS). This same program is avaialble to anyone through The Change Gym. Change fitness improvements have been consistent over the years since the Program began in 2015 – around 40% growth in change fitness over a 90-day period.

By engaging in this program, your team will build more change fitness and you will learn how to promote growth into the future. When you leverage this growth you will see improved performance, better engagement, higher levels of well-being, improved decision-making, and more innovative practice.


Suppose you wanted a group of 10 people to participate in The Change Gym’s change fitness training. The cost of this training would be $2500 plus $150 x 10, a total of $4000, or $400 per person. If the group consisted of 15 people, the total cost would be $2500 plus $150 x 15 = $4750, or $317 per person.

This is scaleable to large numers of people. The cost is for the full program – 5 x 90-minute live training sessions (online) with supplementary materials, the 11 unit PCFP (self-paced online learning program), and 2 change fitness assessments (one at the start and the other at the end). All training has been prepared by and is delivered by Dr Steve Barlow.

Where to start?

We recommend you start with the free masterclass. This will give you a taste of how the online training is delivered and whether you can relate to the information presented.

If you wish to continue further, the best place to start is usually with Individual Readiness Training, as shown above.

Will it work?

Here are 4 reasons why it’s safe to develop change readiness in your organisation.

1. Our approach is based on scientific research conducted over many decades. We only teach what has been shown to work.
2. We have been teaching the topic of change readiness for almost 10 years to Masters students at the University of Tasmania. We share these insights to others in approachable and accessible online training.
3. Our framework helps organise the complexity of organisational change and shows logical steps to develop change readiness.
4. We stand by our clients. We will do all we can to improve your change readiness. Our goal is to leave you more ready for change than you were initially. We will help you build your own capacity for success.