We are honest about our prices, so you can decide what suits you best. Our goal is to help you be successful with changes you want to make, by teaching you how to handle change and other important skills. Prices are in Australian dollars and do not include GST.

Services, Pricing, and Safety

We provide the following services to organisational team members. All services can be provided online at times convenient to you.


From $500
The cost is $500 and an additional $10 for each person for each type of assessment. This fee includes setting up the assessment, analyzing the results, and providing a report for the group.


From $500
We offer group training/coaching at the rate of $500 per session, plus an additional $10 charge for every person.


From $400
We offer coaching on different subjects related to being ready for change.


From $400
We can assist you in making better decisions regarding change, which can result in better outcomes.

Change readiness assessments.

Group training &/or coaching.

Individual coaching.

Consulting services.

Training, group coaching, or individual coaching?

What’s the difference between training, group coaching, and individual coaching? information and knowledge are powerful and can change people and organizations. The difference lies in how much help you get to turn new information into useful knowledge.

Training means learning new information about change and how it works. This can help people and organizations become more successful.

Group coaching is about learning new things about change and how it happens. It can help you and your organization be more successful at change. You will also learn how to use this knowledge in your workplace.

Individual coaching helps you learn new ways to make yourself or a group more successful. It includes understanding how your thinking affects change, and finding positive ways to think.

Will it work?

Here are 5 reasons why it’s safe to develop change readiness in your organisation.

1. Our approach is based on research that we have been studying for over 20 years. We only teach what has been proven to work.
2. We teach the same information to our clients as we do to graduate students studying leadership at the University of Tasmania. We have been teaching this for about 10 years.
3. We provide a framework that helps organise the complexity of organisational change and shows logical steps to develop change readiness.
4. Practicing exercises to develop change readiness is like building physical muscles in a gym. If you do the exercises, you’ll become stronger.
5. We stand by our clients and services and aim to improve your change readiness. Our goal is to leave you more ready for change than you were initially. We won’t do things for you, but we will help you build your own capacity for change readiness.

One further point

To stay secure, you must think about the big picture and be realistic. It’s not just about whether a readiness plan will work for you, but also about what will happen if you don’t have one. If you’re not prepared for change, you won’t be secure. You need to be able to adapt quickly in a constantly changing world. That is your only real security.