Personal Change Fitness Program

The Personal Change Fitness Program is an online coaching program. It will help you in 5 ways:

  1. It will explain the change process and what change fitness is (in detail)
  2. It will help you build your change fitness, enabling you to handle change better
  3. You will experience the Program as a client
  4. You will see someone coach you through the Program (and, if you’re a coach, learn how it’s done)
  5. Get 24 ICF CCE units (if appropriate)
  • Learn about the change process and the kind of fitness you need to succeed at it

  • Work with a fully trained change fitness coach to help you learn and grow

  • Develop your capacity as a coach and improve you knowledge and skills

  • Experience new tools to improve outcomes

What Happens in the Program?

So what happens in The Personal Change Fitness Program (PCFP)?

First, you complete an online change fitness assessment. This is an online survey that usually takes around 20-30 minutes to complete. This assessment will help us plan your learning in the way most helpful to you. Following the assessment, you will spend some online, face-to-face time with your trainer to discuss the Program and how to get the most from it.

After that, you’re ready to start the 12-week online learning program. There are videos to watch, quizzes to complete, and questions to answer. You do this work on your own at a time that best suits you. As you work through this Program, you will not only come to understand change and change fitness a lot better, you will also come to understand yourself a lot better. You will begin to understand why certain beliefs, attitudes, values, and behaviours have limited you in the past, and why others have helped you. As you come to understand this more clearly, you are able to make some decisions about what you need to keep, and what you need to change. During this process, your change fitness grows. The real difference between the PCFP and other self-help programs centres around the 7 key components of change fitness. These 7 have been identified through rigorous scientific research to be the key ones to focus on when improving how you handle change. You will need to commit 3 hours per week to the Program.

You have 24/7 access to email support throughout the Program, and regular one-on-one online contact with your change fitness coach. You will receive regular feedback and help with the Program.

Common Questions

The full program costs $1650 (plus GST if you live in Australia). A description of what this includes can be found below.

The Personal Change Fitness Program takes 12 weeks to complete. You will need to commit 3 hours per week and attend 6 x 1-hour coaching session via Zoom (individualised coaching/training).

Yes, everything is done online.

The content presented in this course is at the cutting edge of what we know about the change process, and the psychological resources people need to be successful at it. This course presents practical information that explains why clients struggle with change and the most important areas you should focus on to help them make progress. If you want a well-researched, scientific understanding of how to help clients make positive change, you need this Program.

You can start right now. There is a rolling intake.

21 Core Competency units and 3 Resource Development units – a total of 24 ICF approved CCE units.

Simply send us an email via the link below telling us you’d like to do the Program and we will get the ball rolling.