Next Training Series

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What you will learn about

This series builds on the foundation laid down in the Free Series and focuses on practical considerations, including:

  • Measuring change fitness
  • Approaching change
  • Succeeding at every step
  • Leveraging strengths and scaffolding limitations
  • Integrating the change process into change projects
  • Frameworks and tools
  • A change readiness model

Upon completion of the next series, you will have the opportunity to purchase a Change Readiness Toolkit and Risk Assessment Tool. This consists of 112 pages of templates and tools. The Risk Assessment Tool help you assess a change project’s liklihood of success or failure based on change readiness. You will also have use of a change fitness assessment tool, with support. Those who complete the trainnig and purchase the Toolkit will receive a Change Readiness Certificate (Foundational) to add to your resume.

NOTE: You need to complete this next paid series to be eligible to purchase the Change Readiness Toolkit and Risk Assessment Tool. The $24.99 is payment for the next training and does not include the Change Readiness Toolkit and Risk Assessment Tool. Click on the button below to get started on the training.