Our story

Years ago, we made an important observation.

We were working within a very large organisation, helping them achieve their mission.  They ran programs to help their clients, but many of these programs were not very effective. The reason was simple, but at the time, no one understood it.

It was not because there was anything wrong with the programs. The programs addressed real problems the clients had and were trying to solve. The problem was that many clients were not ready for these programs. The programs worked really well for people who were ready to extract value out of them, but many clients were not yet at that point. For them, what was needed was a different program that would help them become ready.

In a sense, the problem was not under-performing programs but under-performing people. Whenever these programs were delivered to people who were ready to engage with them, they worked virtually every time.

And that’s when we learnt an important lesson. Programs don’t work if people are not ready to work with them. We’re not talking about ‘program readiness’ here – we’re talking about change fitness.

When employees don’t engage well and their performance is underwhelming, their problem could be caused by low change fitness. And if it is, that’s a problem you can fix.

You first need to diagnose whether the problem is caused by either personal change fitness or organisational change readiness. Either cause can be solved. 

We are pioneers in the field of change fitness and experts in change readiness. We have delivered support and training across 15 countries and teach it to masters students right here in Australia.

So, why not check it out? It will help you increase your productivity.