Our Philosophy

We believe that people, as co-creators of a respectful, adaptable, and well-functioning society, have the right and responsibility to decide who they want to be and how they want to live. That’s easy to say, but in this rapidly changing and competitive world, people are stressed, pressed for time and money, and uncertain of what the future holds. It isn’t easy to live how you want when the pressure is high, and options are limited.

In fact, many people don’t. They are fed up with people telling them to change how they work and what they do. They end up feeling powerless and alienated, discouraged and disengaged. That’s no way to live, and it’s no way to build a healthy business or a healthy society.

The education system might train people for a job, but it usually doesn’t do so well at preparing people for change. Most people never learn much about the change process and never understand how to be successful at it. They prefer the security of their comfort zone and see change as a threat – an unwelcome intrusion into their lives. Because they don’t handle change well, they see it as a difficulty and problem rather than an opportunity.

The Change Gym exists to help individuals and organisations understand the change process and, even more importantly, how to benefit from it. Change might be inconvenient and intrusive, but it also presents opportunities and possibilities; but only if you know how to navigate and succeed at it. Our assessment, training, and coaching services will show you how to navigate and succeed at change. We believe that’s how successful lives, businesses, and societies are built.

Finally, we believe that scientific, researched and evidence-based practice is the best way to understand and build change capacity.  As a company, we have a strong academic focus and everything we do is based on solid theory and is tested in the real world.