Our Philosophy

An organisation might be stable, but that doesn’t mean it’s static. Much of the early research in organisational change assumed the organisation was as static entity – much like a heavy truck on a flat road.

To get it moving you need to release the brakes and apply a lot of force. Then, once you’ve moved it to where it needs to go, you apply the brakes again and it returns to being a static entity.

That’s never been a good description of what organisations are like. Organisations have always been in a constant state of flow – always changing and never staying the same. It is much easier to see the truth of that in the modern world.

Much of this gradual change may go unnoticed. But sometimes a situation occurs that requires a planned change response.

All of this raises some important issues.

One really important issue is of a strategic nature and relates to how well leaders are steering this constant flow of change. A second issue is operational in nature and relates to the organisation’s readiness to succeed at intentional change.

The Change Gym is interested in the strategic issue from the transformational and change leadership perspective. We can help leaders become better leaders of people in a changing environment.

The Change Gym is also interested in the second, operational issue. We have a deep and broad knowledge of how to get people to become more adaptable and how to make organisations more ready to succeed at planned change. We have assessment tools to analyse the current state of readiness and training and coaching programs to build change fitness and change readiness.

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