Our Approach

We utilise unique strategies developed from research to help organisations build their agility. We invite you to contact us if you would like to learn more about how we work.

However, our unique approach utilises some familiar elements, including, 

Change Management – We can show you the best way to manage change. That’s a big claim, but it’s logical and it’s supported by science. Check it out.

Training – We provide training on all things change-related. This includes the nature of the change process, personal adaptability (change fitness), organisational agility (change readiness) and change management.

Coaching – Develop yourself in important aspects of your life, career, and/or business.

Assessments – We can measure how adaptable your people are compared to each other and to the general population. Identify where developmental needs are so you avoid problems and maximise strengths. Identify areas in your organisational systems that could be improved to increase your business agility. Assessments reveal hidden errors that cause problems and undermine your effectiveness. 

Consultancy – Get personalised support from agility and change experts to propel growth and competitiveness.

big performer cover

Big Performer by Dr Steve Barlow

Published in 2021, this book by Steve Barlow examines how the 2 primary components of agility - personal change fitness and organisational change readiness - improve performance. It unpacks the mechanism and presents helpful, practical tips. 100 pages.