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We recommend starting with:

Group Change Fitness Assessment

Assessing the change fitness of your team highlights areas of need and allows us to measure improvement over time

Cost: $500 + $10 pp


These 5 x 90-minute online training/coaching sessions help build personal change fitness, improve change leadership, and provide common understandings and a common language across all team members

Cost: $500 per session + $10 pp per session


The Personal Change Fitness Program is an online, self-paced learning program that builds personal change fitness in individuals. The program can be completed in 90 days

Cost: $100 pp

About Us

We specialise in building change readiness in individuals, teams, and organisations. We do this using valid and proven scientific theories and methods. We help build your capacity to succeed at change.

So relax and enjoy the coffee.

Meet Your Trainer

Steve Barlow is the principal trainer at The Change Gym. He has worked in adult education for decades and has developed learning programs for a wide variety of public and private sector organisations. Steve holds a PhD in change readiness and since 2017 has taught the topic in the Master of Leadership program at the University of Tasmania’s School of Medicine.

Steve is qualified in education and psychology: BA, MEd, PhD, Grad Cert Ed, Grad Dip Ed, Cert IV TAE, FIML, CMI, IER.

Steve can help you and your team create more successful outcomes.