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1007, 2022

Positioned to Learn

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We often think of change – especially organisational change – as something to be implemented and managed. Change is what happens in the organisational machinery, and in the context within [...]

304, 2022


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Failure. It’s not a four-letter word but it’s still a dirty word in many places.From this starting point, we could explore attitudes towards failure and the importance of psychological safety [...]

3012, 2021

Competitive Advantage

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Whether a business survives and thrives depends on how creatively it adapts to future demands, not how well it has performed in the past. Adapting to an unknown and unpredictable future requires agility. [...]

1111, 2021

Agile People Agile Business

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Agile People Agile Business A Matter of Survival Our survival will come down to how agile our minds are. Humanity has many problems to solve - climate change, social [...]