Learning Pathways

There are a variety of pathways that lead to capability growth and improved knowledge and skills around change. These pathways focus on 4 distinct but related areas:

  • the change process itself – what it is, what it demands, and its success pattern
  • personal change fitness – its main components, how it empowers people to meet the demands of the change process, how to measure it, and how to develop it
  • organisational change readiness – what it involves, how to build engagement and reduce resistance, how to build readiness
  • change leadership – what you can do to improve change leadership capacity

How We Help You Learn

We all learn in different ways and we have different learning needs. Therefore, it is important to conduct a needs assessment at the outset to determine what your learning pathway should be. This may be a very informal affair – a few important questions and a discussion. Or, it may involve the use of an assessment tool.

But learning also involves content – the knowledge you want to gain and the skills you want to acquire. We have a good understanding of the 4 topics referred to above, so, based upon your needs assessment, we can guide you through a learning pathway to deliver the outcomes you want.

And this type of learning also requires a structured approach – learning methodologies, if you will. There are 3 learning methodologies we use. The first is readily accessible and free. It is information sent out in regular emails. If you would like to receive these, please use the ‘Subscribe’ form below.

Our Expertise in the Learning Space

The Directors of The Change Gym have decades of experience in education and training. Steve has a PhD in educational psychology and has worked in the education and training space for over 40 years. He holds a certificate in workplace training and has been involved in adult education for around 20 years. He has lectured at university in the organisational change space and has also worked in vocational and community education. Stephanie has been a workplace trainer in public sector and community organisations. Our associates also bring a broad experience in the education and training field. The point is, we know how to help you.

All our coaching and training programs can be delivered online. They are available worldwide.

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