Other Methodologies

There are two other pathways to learning: coaching and training. Each is designed to achieve a different purpose and which one is best for you depends of what you need and when you need it. Let’s look at each one.


Coaching can be a very effective way to improve knowledge and skills and we recommend it highly for anyone regularly involved in leading or managing change. 

If you want to develop the personal change fitness of key people within an organisation, coaching can be the most effective means of achieving that. But there are 3 things needed to support the coaching.

  • First, you need a means of assessing needs and measuring improvement.
  • Second, you need a proven methodology – a methodology that reliably delivers improved capacility outcomes.
  • And third, you need trained change fitness coaches who know how to apply the methodology.

The Change Gym satisfies all these needs.

  • We have a proprietary change fitness assessment tool (called IRVEY®) that assess learning needs and measures improvement over time.
  • We have the Personal Change Fitness Program (PCFP) that has been shown to increase personal change fitness by an average of 40% over a 12-week period. This is a coaching program that is delivered online.
  • We train internal and external coaches in our methodology so they can use it, along with our tools, to improve the change fitness of selected members of their teams.

In addition to change fitness coaching, we also provide ‘train the coach’ training so internal or external coaches can develop the change fitness of the people they lead.

Looking for an Opportunity?

We have exciting opportunities open to coaches or anyone involved in leading or managing change. If you are interested, click to learn more about these opportunities


We provide online or onsite training in change, change fitness, change readiness, and change leadership. This training is mainly intended to increase knowledge rather than skill development. However, increased knowledge of these topic areas will help you be more effective with the skills you already have.

Our training can be individualised to meet your specific requirements. If you would like to discuss training or coaching options with us, book an appointment using the button below.