How do you view change?

Many people see change as disruptive and intrusive. They see it as complex and messy, risky and with unpredictable outcomes.

But what if we told you it doesn’t need to be so risky or so complex? What if we told you that, if you pull the right levers, you can get on the right track and stay on the right track.

Well, that’s what we’re telling you and we can show you how.

Don't minimise the risks of change

We all want our businesses to be succesful, to grow, and to thrive. But there are risks we need to be aware of and manage effectively.

Some of the big risks relate to change. There are risks that it will not be done properly, and there are risks that people will not adapt to it well. These risks are the reason why many change initiatives fail.

By pulling the right change readiness levers you can minimise these risks. Organisations that are ready for change have fewer risks and are more successful than organisations that aren’t.

Why is change readiness important?

Because if your business is not ready for change, you’re not likely to survive against more agile competition in this fast-changing world. According to Roger La Salle, futurist, business commentator, former CEO of the Innovation Centre of Victoria, and past “Chair of Innovation” at Queens University Belfast says: 

“If you’re not ready for change, then growth is guaranteed not to happen. Your business has a life expectancy of about 5 years.”

Roger La Salle

No growth – short life.

In their 2015 ‘Future of Business Report’, Optus makes some powerful claims about why change readiness is important. Look at these claims:

  • “For long-term survival, organisations need to become change-ready”
  • “Change-ready businesses are performance leaders – the higher the change readiness, the more likely the business will perform well”
  • “Change-ready businesses grow faster than other businesses.”
  • “Change-ready businesses take a positive view of change”
  • “Change-ready businesses can empower their people to be responsive and ready for change”
  • “Being change-ready gives businesses a significant competitive advantage, creating more opportunities for them to maximise and grow.”
  • “Our research showed any business – of any size, in any sector and with any business model – can become change-ready”

How change-ready is your business?

Here’s an important number you should remember – 23.

That’s not the meaning of life. It’s the percentage of Australian businesses that are ready for change. Only 23% of them.

Is your business in that 23%? What data would you use to find out?

Whether you are in the 23% or not, what are you doing to improve your change readiness?

What strategies are you employing?

We have been in the change readiness space for 20 years and we have strategies to improve your readiness for change. We help small startups and ASX listed companies. We have even helped one of the largest companies on the planet. We help anyone who wants to survive and thrive in the present and the future.

If you want your business to stand out from the others, to be ready for growth, to have a positive view of change, to be competitive, and to have people that are agile and responsive, we are here to help you build your change readiness.

Book a time to learn more and see how we can help.