3 things that matter most

You get more value out of employees who are more productive. They perform better, require less direction from managers, work more independently, create fewer problems, and are often better at change. In short, you want more of them.

To get more of them, there are some key things you need to do:

  1. You need to build the change fitness of lower to average performing employees. This will not only make them more valuable during times of change, it will make them more valuable all the time.
  2. You need to build the capacity of your leaders. They need to be highly change-fit and know how to develop the change fitness of their teams.
  3. You need to build a change-ready culture. this is a culture that is able to support people’s high performance during change and times of low impact change.

Growth depends on talent

It’s not easy to increase revenue and grow market share. That’s the hallmark of innovative leaders.

But it doesn’t just depend on the leaders. They need a team of highly dedicated and capable people. People who are great performers in their current roles and capable to grow and change with the business as it grows and changes.

But this raises a problem. Some people, instead of increasing your company’s performance, actually slow it down. They make you less competitive because they don’t like change and they waste a lot of managers’ time. They’re costing the same as other people, but your not getting the same amount of value out of them.

Wouldn’t it be good if you could increase their productivity by at least 10%?

Good news

You can improve the productivity of these low performers. In fact, it’s easier to improve the productivity of low performers than it is of high performers.

And it doesn’t take years; it takes months. Using our methodology, we’ve seen a 40% improvement in average performers over a 3 month period. Most low performers improve by well over 40%.

Improve your ROI

The challenge is to improve the return on the dollars you are already spending on your people. Not just for one year, but year-on-year.

Suppose you could make low and average performers just 10% more productive. In larger companies, the Revenue per Employee is typically around $200K. It’s around $500K at Westpac and $1.8M at Apple.

If you could help your employees become 10% more effective, this would mean an extra $20K per annum per employee.

How would that effect your revenue figures?

2 points

There are 2 points to highlight here.

First, it’s not only possible to get low performers to improve better, it’s actually easier to improve their performance than to improve the performance of top performers.

Second, improving people’s performance around change improves their performance all-round.

And that’s how we work. We have developed a technology to improve how people and organisations handle change.

Research conducted in Australia tells us companies that are more able to handle change are 81% more likely to outperform the industry average and twice as likely to overachieve on growth targets.

How can we help?

We can help you get more performance from your business by:

  1. leveraging and building the change fitness of your people
  2. developing the change leadership potential of your managers and leaders
  3. ensuring your business is tuned to thrive during change

These 3 areas are mostly important because they help you optimise the performance of your business. They help you get the most value from your employees – now and in the future. They increase the overall innovation potential of your business. And ultimately, they increase revenue and profits.

The challenge

We totally believe that increasing the change fitness of your employees will make them more productive and make your business more profitable and competitive.

In fact, we’re so sure of that we’re prepared to put our money where our mouth is. We will raise the change fitness of 20 of your least productive employees by at least 10% over a 12 week period and, if we don’t, we won’t charge you a cent.

Reach out to us if you would like to take up this challenge.


10% Improvement in change fitness in 12 weeks or no cost to you