Building flexibility in the workplace

When people talk about more flexible workplaces, they often mean flexible work arrangements, work/life balance, adjusting work hours, working from home, or job sharing.

These things are about creating options for how, where, and when people work.

When we talk about creating more flexible workplaces, we are talking about something different.

What do we mean by flexibility?

Being flexible is about more than having options. It’s primarily about how adaptable people are and how quickly they respond to changes that come along.

When we talk about flexibility, we’re primarily talking about whether people think and behave in flexible ways. Options are great, but they’re not enough if people are not flexible in how they think and behave. 

Flexibility that makes people adaptable is more useful than flexibility that simply gives people more options. They must have the flexibility to adapt to changes regardless of how, where, or when they work. It is this kind of flexibility we can help you create.