In ‘Big Performer’ Steve Barlow exposes a very exciting new perspective on shaping organisations for an uncertain future.  He has highlighted the critical role people play in readiness for change, and more particularly in a future where ‘business as usual’ is no longer a safe haven away from the dynamics of the world.  What’s more, Steve’s insights provide a very practical way forward for leaders who need their people to be more flexible in their thinking, and their organisations more adaptive to complexity and disruption.

Mal Anderson MBA. Change Strategy and Adaptive Intelligence


‘Big Performer’ offers a novel and insightful way to build the performance and flexibility of any organisation. The book shows how to achieve this by improving the capacity for successful change. Improvement of this kind is what all organisations need in these uncertain and changing times. As a veteran management and performance consultant to large corporate and government organisations, this book is a must-read for anyone in strategic positions.

Peter Newman B. Econ. MD Applied Innovation Centre.


“Big Performer” is a short book full of advice and guidance for leaders who are ready to change gears on organisational change. Adherence to the guiding principles will save an organisation money and time and set a business on the best course for successful strategic implementation.

Craig Saphin MBA. Head of Strategy, Liberty IT Consulting Group.

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