Build change readiness

In this contemporary, competitive and ever-changing world, building change readiness has never been so important.

We want to help you understand what organisational change readiness is and how it can help you build engagement and lower resistance during change.  Check out our training for that.

We also want to show you how you can apply the information collected from a change readiness assessment to build a change-ready and adaptable organisation.

We have said that conducting a change readiness assessment is important for building a change-ready and adaptable organisation.

Conducting a change readiness assessment sheds light on what’s right and wrong with your organisational change readiness. Okay, so having that kind of information is important, but knowing your change strengths and limitations doesn’t change anything on its own. You need to apply that information to make it work for you.

So, how can you apply the information you get from a change readiness assessment? Here are some ways you can apply it.

Applying the information

  • planning and executing change – your change strengths and limitations will affect what happens when you embark on change, so you should shape your plans and strategies to reflect what you’re good at, and to scaffold what you’re not so good at. Having this information at the start of your change project allows you to plan how to deploy your strengths and to limit the risks posed by your limitations.
  • communications – how and what you communicate affects your readiness for change. There are 5 key messages you must get across to your teams and you should think long and hard about how these messages will be conveyed. People hear and learn in different ways, and if they don’t get the right messages, they are more likely to disengage and resist.
  • understanding the change process – what it involves, what it demands, and how we can supply the right stuff. Most people don’t understand change and how it works. Consequently, they don’t have a map to navigate the process, are more confused about what’s happening, and are more anxious about it.
  • develop your team – once you see what change fitness and change readiness needs you have, you may elect to enhance the change capacity of your teams, or of certain key people. We have specialised coaching programs to help you achieve this.
  • change leadership development – your leaders should understand the change process, have a workable understanding of change fitness and change readiness, how to grow the change readiness of your organisation, and how to manage the change process. We have programs that can help them build this knowledge.
  • cultural enhancement – organisational culture is affected by change readiness. Building the change capacity of employees and leaders has positive effects on the culture of your organisation.

We can help you in other change areas too, depending on your needs. Contact us to explore how we can help you.