The Change Gym provides coaching in change fitness, change readiness, and change leadership. We also provide coach training for internal or external coaches wishing to improve their knowledge and skills around change.

Coaching is primarily about learning. It is about self-discovery and increasing self-awareness.

We must invest in ourselves if we want to grow into the human potential that lies inside us. We must take responsibility for our own personal development, and there is much we can do on our own. But there are times when we need a little help.

A coach who is trained in the science of change is a great asset to anyone who’s serious about making progress. 

We offer coaching programs in personal change fitness – the psychological fitness we need to succeed at the change process. Yes, there is a science around this, and our team are world experts in this field. In fact, we are pioneers in this new field of applied psychology.

So, why not contact us to learn more, or read about the Personal Change Fitness Program.

Coach Training

If you are already a trained coach and you would like to get involved in change fitness coaching, we have training pathways to take you there. You would need to book an initial interview and following that, enrol in the Personal Change Fitness Program. Once completed, you would enrol in a second program called the Change Fitness Practitioner Program. If you are able to commit 3 hours per week to these programs, you could be certified as a change fitness coach in 7 months.