We offer a range of coaching services including:

  • becoming more adaptable around change 
  • dealing with stress
  • setting goals
  • getting unstuck
  • improving relationships
  • dealing with anger issues
  • career development
  • leadership development
  • personal development
  • spirituality
  • business coaching
  • storytelling
  • oral and written communications

FREE Coaching Session

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Life Coaching

We can help you manage life better. This may include tackling issues like stress, lack of direction and goals, dealing with people, managing time, being organised, getting focused, defining purpose, exploring spirituality, managing anger, etc.

Leadership Coaching

Need some support on your leadership journey?

We can help you.

The principal coach is Dr Steve Barlow, who has been coaching for over 20 years, is a Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders, and a lecturer in the Master of Leadership program at the University of Tasmania.

Timeframes can be short or ongoing, and coaching is conducted online.

Change Fitness