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Coaching opportunities

There are some common problems faced by many coaches. These include:

  • attracting well-paying clients
  • establishing stable, dependable, and predicable work
  • quantifying or measuring client progress from your coaching
  • communicating clear and valuable benefits provided by your coaching
  • having a distinctive point of difference in what you offer prospective clients

It can be discouraging

It can be very discouraging when you’ve spent good money on coach training, and you know you’re a good coach, but you find it hard to make a respectable living from coaching. Many coaches work second jobs just to pay the bills. Some get so discouraged they quit coaching altogether. This hurts.

I just want to coach

The reality is not everyone wants to be a marketer, sales person, computer wiz, and chief promoter. Many people just want to coach.

Are you someone like that? You’re a good coach, but feel frustrated with coaching? Are you willing to try something different?

If you’re a good coach who is willing to learn and you’d like to work with referral clients, then we may have some good opportunities for you.

Please contact us and let us know you’re interested. We’ll tell you what opportunities are available and leave it up to you to decide.