If you’re a coach you’re also a change leader.

People don’t go to a coach to learn how to stay the same.

Your clients, past, present, and future, come to you because they want to change. And you need to know how to help them in the best way possible. That’s why you need to understand change fitness coaching.

The Change Gym provides accredited, online professional development training for trained and/or practising coaches. This training is in change fitness coaching and is appropriate for all types of coaches, such as, business coaches, life coaches, executive coaches, leadership coaches, health coaches, relationship coaches, and career coaches.

Our flagship program is accredited by the International Coach Federation and the Australian Association of Social Workers.

You can try out our training free of charge. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain, so take up the offer and get started now.

Why do this training?

Best Reasons

You’re committed to your coaching and you want to be the best coach you can possibly be

You’re committed to the growth and success of your clients

You want to be at the cutting edge in understanding of how people succeed at the change process

Other Good Reasons

If you hold an ICF credential, you might also want the 24 CCE units we can provide

You may be looking for referral clients

You may be looking for new tools and resources

You may be looking for a practical framework to provide a clear structure to your coaching

How do I get started?

As a training provider, we are looking for committed students who are excited to be doing our training. We figure the best way forward is to share the risk.

We’ll let you try out our training for free. If it’s not what you’re looking for, you can walk away and it hasn’t cost you anything. But if you decide to continue, we know you’re serious about learning and will commit to the program.

So try out the course for free for 3 weeks. If it isn’t right for you, walk away with no questions asked.

To sign up to the free course, click on the button below.

All out training is online. All instruction is in English. There are no classes to attend. The training is available world-wide.