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Discover the coach training offered by The Change Gym. In the section below you can read about the Personal Change Fitness Program and other coach training programs we offer.

We can tell you how good they are, but why not check it out for yourself? If you’re already a coach, we invite you to sign up for a FREE COURSE in change fitness. This 3-week program will introduce you to the change fitness concept, some of the coaching tools we use, and give you a taste of what our training is like.

If you enjoy it and wish to proceed, you will slot right into the Personal Change Fitness Program and get the full experience. But if it’s not what you’re looking for right now, no problem. At least you know it’s not for you.

If you would like to take the free course, click on the link below.

About Our Coach Training

The information below is not about the free course we offer. It is about our mainstream programs.

The Change Gym provides ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited coach training in change fitness.

This training begins with the first course, called the Personal Change Fitness Program (PCFP). This a a 12-week online, self-paced educational program that includes approx 6 hour coaching. This course will teach you the basics of change fitness. You will also experience tools and resources that can be used in coaching.

Coaches who do well in the PCFP may wish to become Accredited Change Fitness Coaches. They can progress to the Certified Change Fitness Practitioner program. This is a 4-6 month program that includes both theory and practice. Once completed, coaches are certified as Change Fitness Coaches.

Certified coaches then have the option to be licensed to use The Change Gym’s IP in their own business. This opens up lots of opportunities to work in change leadership, organisational consultancy work, and opportunities to work with other Change Fitness Coaches. It can also lead to the referral of coaching clients.

You can learn a lot more about our coach training here.

You can also watch testimonials of coaches who have completed the training.

If you are interested in considering becoming a Certified Change Fitness Coach, or would like to learn more about our coach training, please contact us.