Type of Training

We offer training in the field of change, so you might wonder whether this is something like Prosci, or ADKAR, or Kotter, etc.

Most training programs in the area of change primarily have a management focus. They focus on how to manage change, or how to coach people through change. This is not the primary focus of the training we provide.

Broadly speaking, there are two sides to the change coin – on one side are people who lead or manage change and on the other are those who make changes. Both sides are important, but there isn’t a lot of training available on the readiness and capacity of those people who are expected to make the change. This is what we primarily focus on – and on its management implications.

All our training programs are available online and are in English.

Organisational Change Training

We offer 3 Change Readiness Certificate Programs:

  • Change Readiness Certificate (Foundational) – this begins with the free change readiness training and progresses into paid program and tools.
  • Change Readiness Certificate (Advanced) – this follows on from the Foundational program and includes training in how to coach stakeholders to develop their change capacity
  • Change Readiness Certificate (Masters) – this follows the other 2 programs and dives deeper into change readiness in organisations

We also offer a Change Leadership Program.

Personal Change Training

The Personal Change Fitness Program – this is an online coaching program that helps people develop their change fitness – their capacity to succeed at the change process. Over time this Program has been shown to increase personal change fitness by an average of 40% over a 12-week period. This helps people ‘get good at handling change’.

Coach Training

We have programs that train internal or external coaches in how to build personal change fitness and organsiational change readiness. All our training programs deal with how to use highly specialised and proprietary tools to support practice.


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