Change Fitness, Change Readiness

A Lack of Understanding

The concepts of change fitness, change readiness, and even change itself, are not well-understood by most people. They might be able to take a guess at what these concepts mean, but that’s about as far as it goes – guessing.

Some popular training programs include change and change readiness as topics, but these largely miss the point. The unfortunate result of these limitations is that well-meaning people think they are managing change well, but they have barely scratched the surface of what needs to be done.

Poor Understanding is a Problem

And since change is complex and difficult for most people, not understanding them is a significant problem.

You might think that change is easy to understand – after all, it’s been around since forever. But in that, you’d be wrong. Most people don’t have a good understanding of how it works. 

Now not understanding how change works is never an asset. It’s a liability, making it even harder to succeed. 

Personal change fitness and organisational change readiness are two powerful resources that drive successful change. Not understanding them is also a liability. After all, how much confidence would you have in a sporting team that doesn’t understand the concept of physical fitness? Or one that doesn’t understand what being ready means?

What You Can't Measure

So far, we have talked about one major problem relating to change – a lack of understanding. But the problem goes far deeper than that.

Without a proper understanding of these concepts, you can’t measure them properly. Think about this: how would you measure the change fitness of a coaching client or of a team undergoing organisational change? How would you compare the change fitness strengths of one person to that of others, and set realistic expectations accordingly? How would you measure the change readiness capacity of an organisation? What criteria would you measure and how would you do it?

Sure, you can find free tools on the internet that claim to measure change readiness, but these are generally very limited in their scope and usefulness. They do not include most of the important things you need to assess.

Peter Drucker famously said, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” So, in terms of personal change fitness and organisational change readiness, if you can’t measure them properly, you can’t manage them properly either.

Are You Competitive?

If you:

  • lack an accurate understanding of change, personal change fitness, and organisational change readiness,
  • and you can’t measure them accurately,
  • and you can’t manage them effectively,

how can you be your best around change? How can you be more competitive than others in your industry?

You might like to think you’re on top of the change game and give yourself a good back-patting. But you can’t be, because there’s more you could understand, there’s more you could measure, and there are better ways to manage change.

Are you happy with that, or would you like to do something about it?

How Can We Help?

We know a thing or two about change, personal change fitness, and organisational change readiness. 

If you have a sore throat you might go to the GP. But if you have something more serious, you want a specialist. Why? Because they know more about specific problems than the GP knows. They are experts in their chosen field.

In a similar way, we are experts in the change process, change fitness, and change readiness. The Change Gym’s co-founder, Steve Barlow, holds a PhD in change fitness and change readiness. Both our co-founders have held academic posts lecturing on these topics to post-graduates.

We can develop your capacity to achieve better change outcomes. We have developed a series of training programs and resources to help you understand the concepts of change, personal change fitness, and organisational change readiness. To give you some context, we examine these topics from a psychological perspective, and then consider their management implications.

We also have tools to measure and assess change fitness and change readiness. You can check out some of these tools and resources here.


In a 30-minute appointment we can discuss where you're at and what you could do next.

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