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Building change readiness is an essential component of any change project. But readiness involves much more than preparation and project plans. At its heart, change readiness is about people and their readiness to succeed at the change process. 

Readiness comprises many things, from how much internal change capacity people have (their personal change fitness) to the capacity of the organisation to support them through the change process. It has an inward, psychological dimension and an outward social dimension.

The Inward Psychological Dimension

No matter how much preparation you do, you couldn’t say an organisation is ready for change if major stakeholders find change stressful and give up easily. People who have low change fitness don’t like change and are not good at it – especially if it pushes them outside their comfort zone. Even if they are willing to go along with it at the start, they tend to lose heart easily and their support turns to resistance. And of course, some resist from the outset.

No matter how much preparation you do, you couldn't say an organisation is ready for change if major stakeholders find change stressful and give up easily.

This is a major difficulty from a management perspective, and also it is the main reason why organisational change fails. Therefore, it should be a priority to understand the dynamics of what’s going on and have strategies in place to address them.

The good news is that change fitness can be measured and it can be developed in people. We have an online assessment tool called IRVEY® that measures how much change fitness people have in the key areas. This is very important information because it shows you which people are naturally good at change and those who aren’t. The benefit of this information is that you can make sure the right people are allocated the right roles and you can predict which areas of the change process people are most likely to find challenging.

We also have online coaching and education programs to develop change fitness. For example, our change fitness coaching program has increased change fitness by an average of 40% in just 12 weeks. This means that people who used to struggle with change and resist become people who can handle it better, who become more able to support change and more able to succeed at it. This is obviously better for them, but it’s also much better for people managing them, and better for the organsiation.

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