What is Change Readiness?

Most people working in organisational or personal change know that change readiness is important. Change readiness is not about being ready to start a change project. It’s the readiness to win. Change is unlikely to succeed if there is little readiness for it.

Few people have a deep understanding of what this involves.

Change readiness is a scientific concept. It can be defined, measured and described by 5 formulas.

Change readiness is what we know most about. Steve Barlow, Director of The Change Gym, completed his PhD studies on the topic of change readiness. 

We have knowledge that can help you successfully execute your organisational strategy.

What Are the Benefits of Change Readiness?

There are many, and here are a few:

  1. You succeed more often when implementing strategy.
  2. You become more competitive.
  3. Your employees become less stressed and handle change better.
  4. Your employees take less time off on stress leave.
  5. It is easier to retain staff.
  6. Staff have more bandwidth and perform better.
  7. It benefits the organisational culture.
  8. People feel cared about.
  9. It becomes easier to attract great talent.
  10. You are paying the people anyway, why not improve their change readiness?