Change readiness – who cares?

If you’re involved in leading or managing any kind of change within a business or organisation, you should care about change readiness. Unless you establish initial buy-in, sustained engagement, and long-term adoption of the change, you and your team will fail. Change readiness is critical, and the time to start building it is right now.

The people factor

In change, people pose the greatest risk of failure. According to McKinsey, employee resistance to change is the #1 contributor to failure, followed closely by lack of engagement from managers.

If you embark on change and expect good outcomes from employees and managers who are not ready for it, you will be disappointed with what happens, and you will pay too much for it. That is not likely to do your career or reputation much good and you risk doing long-term damage to the organisation, its people, and its culture.

Of course, people can also help you succeed, but only if they engage in the change process and adopt new behaviours. They will not do that well if the organisation is not ready for change.

Minimise risk

Assessing and building change readiness is like an insurance policy. It can’t guarantee success, but it can mitigate the risk of failure and loss. It is due diligence, and it is also gathering reliable data for better decision-making and empowered action.

Our unique position

We are uniquely placed to help you assess and build change readiness in your organisation. Our senior change readiness consultants blend academic rigour with broad practical change leadership experience.

Steve Barlow holds a PhD in change readiness, with particular expertise in the inner psychological resources that enable people to handle change well. Steve is an experienced change fitness coach and change readiness consultant.

Therese Wales spent more than 20 years as HR Director at Procter & Gamble, a Fortune 100 company. During that time, she was responsible for leading major change projects across Australia, Asia, and North America.

Together, and supported by a team of specialist coaches and consultants, we have the expertise to assess the most important elements of your change readiness and give you the data you need to succeed.

So, don’t leave it till it’s too late. Talk to us today about how we can help you.

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