Who Developed the Toolkit, and Why?

The principal developer of this toolkit is Steve Barlow, a Director at The Change Gym. Steve is arguably well-qualified to do this task. He has a PhD in change fitness and change readiness and was a lecturer in the field of change management, change readiness, and change leadership in the VET sector and at university.

He created the toolkit because although change managers may recognise the importance of the psychology of change, many need help incorporating it into the change management process. This is especially true of change fitness and change readiness.

We are not saying that other well-known change management methodologies are wrong or misguided. They are certainly good to know and to use the insights they provide. But what we are saying is that there is always more to learn, and the deep understandings we have gained into the psychology of change, change fitness, and change readiness allow us to bring some new and important insights to the table.

So, don’t discard what is valuable in other approaches, but also don’t be afraid to challenge existing paradigms and adopt new ideas.