Digital Transformation

According to a 2019 McKinsey report, 25–46% of current work activities in Australia could be automated by 2030, depending on location. We already know that digital transformation, automation, robotics will have a massive impact on our economy, not to mention globalisation and how we respond to climate change.

So, more than ever, it is vital we improve our ability to change and to manage change. We offer important new insights, strategies, and resources to help leaders improve change outcomes.

More Than Good Management

We believe that some of the most common approaches to managing change in organisations are inadequate because they fail to recognise the central importance of how the change process works and how organisations become ready for change.

Yes, it’s important to get management processes right, but good management is not what we’re trying to achieve. It’s successful change we’re aiming for and good management alone is not going to deliver that.

Change management becomes effective when the people who’ve got to change are ready and able to change, and the organisation supports them to succeed at the change process.


We provide training in a change management model that takes the best of current change management theory and combines it with what we know about the change process and the latest knowledge about change readiness.

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