successful change model

Successful change projects work in harmony with the change process, with strong change fitness, sufficient change readiness, and effective change management.

Develop Your Change Leadership

The world is changing fast. That’s hardly newsworthy but it’s true.

People talk about digital transformation and the fourth phase of the Industrial Revolution. What they mean is that machines are becoming smarter – smart enough to radically disrupt entire industries and change the jobs of millions of people.

The issue is not ‘how far will this go?’. Technology will go as far as the business case allows. A better question is, ‘how will your people and your organisation adapt to this new reality?’.

Surviving and thriving in this age of digital transformation will not happen by chance – it will happen by choice, and it will start with leaders. Leaders should understand the dynamic relationship existing between the change process, change fitness, change readiness, and change management. And they should understand how this relationship relates to the change projects they work on.

If you want to understand these dynamic relationships that are essential for effective change leadership, we have training programs that will help you.

Don’t lead by cruise control

What does it mean to lead by cruise control?

Cruise control can teach us something important about change and the choices we make.

Cruise control is convenient, but it is also annoying when it shifts down a gear and accelerates just at the wrong time. You’re nearly at the top of a hill, you know there’s a steep slope on the other side, yet the car accelerates when you don’t want it to.

The problem with cruise control is that it lacks proper insight. It can see what the hill is doing to the revs right now, but it doesn’t know that just up ahead is a steep downward slope. It looks at what is happening now but doesn’t look at what will be happening up ahead.

You don’t want to be that kind of a leader, do you? You don’t want to be someone who prepares for the present moment and doesn’t adequately prepare for the future.

To prepare or the future, you need to continually deepen your understanding of how change works. Change is not a simple thing; even if you already know quite a lot about it, now is the time to take your knowledge and understanding to the next level.