Change Leadership Development

If you’re in any way involved in leading or managing people through organisational change, you should make every effort to learn all you can about change and change leadership.

You might think that managing change is just like managing anything else. Change management does involve many of the skills and behaviours associated with management in general – the ability to organise, to work co-operatively and supportively with people, and to guide the team towards a common desired goal.

But managing change is a particular kind of management or leadership. It involves specific knowledge and capacities that are not so important in other management roles. There are 3 such specific areas you need to grasp.

First, you need to have a deep and workable knowledge of the change process. There is much confusion about this among change managers and others already working in the change management space. But there doesn’t need to be and it is critically important to understand what we are actually trying to manage.

Second, and perhaps even more important than the first, you must understand the psychological strengths that enable people to be successful at change, you must be good at handling change yourself, and you must know how to help others become more successful at it. In the end, change only succeeds if people change their thinking and their behaviours. But without the right psychological resources (leading to patterns of thinking), people will struggle to change their behaviour. We refer to this a ‘developing change fitness’.

Third, you need to understand what change readiness is and how to promote it within the organisation. You are much more likely to succeed at change if you’re ready for it, but being ready for it involves more than good preparation.

The best place to start is with some training. Contact us to find out more.