Do you want to see more of your employees enthusiastically engaged at work and ready to embrace change? Are you open to consider new ideas? If so, read on.

There are many theories about why employees disengage and resist change. Some focus on employee attitudes and others on poor management practices or organisational culture. In the end, many of these theories leave you in the dark as to the precise nature of the problems in your organisation. Even if you think through all the possibilities, you’ll still be left wondering if your conclusions are right.

So, you could end up wasting a lot of time and money trying to guess the real issues and how to overcome them.

Much of the theory and practice around resistance and disengagement is too general to be useful and tells you nothing specific about your organisation. What you need is data that highlights your situation and a conceptual framework to help you understand what it means.

And that’s where we can help you. If you’re facing some change in your organisation, you don’t want to go in blind. You want to understand what might contribute to employees becoming disengaged and resistant, and then take the right steps to avoid that happening.

In other words, you want to be ready for change – not just ready to start the change process, but ready to succeed at it.

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With organisational change, it’s easy to get short-changed. You pay the price, and often (not always), this is what happens:

  • Change costs more than you expected
  • It takes longer than you expected
  • It’s more disruptive than you expected
  • It’s harder to manage than you hoped for
  • The outcomes are less than you expected
  • You lose employees because of the change
  • And you risk long-term cultural damage

Change is not the problem

From all this, it’s easy to see change as a real problem. But change isn’t a problem at all. The real problem is with us – we’re not good at change and not ready to succeed at change. Instead of engaging in and supporting change, many people dig their heals in and resist it.

Why does that happen? The answer to that question has to do with change fitness and change readiness. And that’s also where the solutions lie.

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Why Us?

Because we are specialists in how to build engagement and support for change. We are pioneers in the related fields of change fitness and change readiness.

Our senior consultants bring strong academic and practical experience to inform and guide you to greater success. Steve Barlow (PhD in change readiness) and Therese Wales (former HR Director at Procter & Gamble) understand disengagement and resistance and will give you a framework to overcome it.

Our aim is not to replace you but to empower you. We want to teach you how to use the science of change to your advantage.

Being ready to begin change is not enough. You must be ready to succeed at it.

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