Change Fitness Coaching

What is change fitness coaching? And what makes it different from other forms of coaching?

Change fitness coaching is founded upon the latest scientific evidence about how people navigate change, whether it be in their personal life or their working life. It brings together 4 distinct areas of research that result in 4 fundamental questions that guide the coaching.

The 4 areas of research are these: systems theory, the model of the change process, change fitness theory, and narrative theory. And the 4 fundamental questions are these:

  1. What kind of change is the client trying to make?
  2. Where is the client located in the change process?
  3. How much change fitness does the client have?
  4. How does the client’s narrative impact their ability to change?

These 4 questions provide a framework to guide the coaching process and are supported by tools and technologies that help both coach and client.

Change fitness coaching can be applied to any kind of change a client is attempting to make. It is a positive psychology approach that seeks to enhance the client’s change capacity and provide the key information the coach needs to offer them the most targeted and effective support.  So, if you are a trained coach with good coaching skills and are looking for a framework to help your clients achieve better results, check out what change fitness coaching has to offer.

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