About Change Fitness Coaching

The Change Gym provides change fitness coaching to organisations to build change readiness and enhancing engagement. We also provide coaching to people outside organisations who need help handling change.

Does change stress you?

Do you struggle with change? Does it make you stressed and fatigued? Do you feel left behind?

You can do something about that. Change fitness coaching helps build your capacity to handle change. So when you have more change fitness, you’ll cope with change better. And you’ll be more successful at it.

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Many people have already taken the step to build their change fitness. Here are some of their stories.

Bob’s Story

When I first met Bob he seemed like a savvy business consultant with all the right answers. He was a guy in his early 4os, well-presented, well-spoken, and he appeared confident. I suggested he would benefit from some short-term change fitness coaching but he showed little interest at first. He later told me he wasn’t interested in being coached because he thought his change fitness was fine – he had no need of that, or so he thought.

After some time, Bob approached me and said he was curious about the change fitness coaching program I had talked about, and said he had decided to give it a go. He didn’t think it would help him much, but he like the change fitness concept and he wanted to learn more about it. So, I enrolled him in the Personal Change Fitness Program (PCFP).

At the beginning of the PCFP, we always give people an initial assessment to see what strengths and limitations they have. This helps the coach understand the person’s needs and where they require most support. We don’t usually tell the person their score.  Bob took the assessment and the results showed that Bob had really low change fitness (significantly below average). On the surface, he appeared confident, but the results of the assessment suggested this may not have been the real story. I didn’t tell Bob his result, but he began working on the Program. Read More >>

Linda’s Story

Linda came to me after a successful career in the corporate world. She was facing a period of change in her life and she was a little nervous about it. Linda needed some help on a personal level, and she thought the PCFP (Personal Change Fitness Program) would help professionally  as she moved into the next phase of her life.

After taking the initial change fitness assessment, I could see that her change fitness scores were at the higher end of the normal range. However, they indicated she struggled with self-confidence. I was somewhat surprised by that, because she appeared to be very confident in her manner. We spoke about this issue in our first coaching session and she confirmed her lack of self-confidence. She had developed ways of disguising it over the years and this had allowed her to make progress, but deep down, she had always lacked confidence. Read More >>