What is meant by change fitness?

You might not be familiar with the term. It’s a  term that refers to a person’s internal capacity to meet the psychological demands of the change process.

Whenever we make a change in our lives, there are new things we must do and new ways to think. But these things are on the surface – like waves on the ocean. Underneath these surface things, other things are going on. These are the steps and demands of the change process.

Personal change fitness refers to a set of psychological resources that help us supply what the change process demands of us. The more change fitness we have, the better able we are to supply what change demands.

Why Assess Change Fitness?

Change fitness is a set of psychological capacities that empower people to succeed at the change process. It is an essential element of organisational change readiness.

Here are 3 reasons why it is important to assess change fitness:

  1. It gives you reliable data about the change strengths your team brings to the change project. You want to know this, because when you know what strengths are available and where they reside, you can plan to use them strategically. They will help you succeed.
  2. It gives you reliable data about the change limitations within your team. Every team has them, and they pose an increased risk of failure. If you know what they are and where they reside, you can build scaffolds around them. Doiing that will help minimise their damaging effects.
  3. It brings awareness of who your natural change leaders are. People with high change fitness are valuable resources to help you succeed. You should know who they are and make sure they are fully engaged.

How We Assess It

To reliably assess change fitness you need a purpose-built psychometric assessment tool. We use our proprietary, online tool called ‘IRVEY’. This provides the information you need to manage your change fitness strengths and limitations.

Who Should You Assess?

At a minimum, you should assess your change leaders and managers. Ideally, you would assess all stakeholders who have a significant influence over the success or failure of the change project.

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