Certified Change Fitness Practitioner Program

This 4-6 month program leads to credentialing as a change fitness coach. This Program is only available to people who have already completed the Personal Change Fitness Program.

If you are completely new to coaching, this program is not appropriate for you. To obtain initial coach training, we recommend you seek an Accredited Coach Training Program recognised by the International Coach Federation.


Successful completion of the CCFP may provide credit for some graduate programs in the School of Medicine at UTAS.

What Will I Learn?

In the theory component of the Program you will learn 3 things. First, you will gain a deeper understanding of the change fitness concept and how it fits into the broader psychological literature. Second, you will learn how to interpret the change fitness assessment tool, and understand the kind of information it provides about people. Third, you will learn how to coach people in change fitness: how to help them make progress and become better at handling change. All learning is online.

The practical part of this Program is where you start using the tools and helping clients develop their change fitness. We guide and help you as you put the learning you have gained into practice. When you are competent, we license you to use these tools in your practice. This process usually takes about 12 weeks.