Why Build Capability?

Change capability is necessary for success. Without it, individuals and organisations lack the agility to adapt to necessary changes, rendering them less competitive and viable.

When change capability is low, stakeholders are more likely to:

  • resist any efforts to change
  • make the management process very difficult
  • diminsh returns on investment
  • cause more disruption to core business
  • greatly increase the risks of failure
  • add to the costs of change

These are not the outcomes you want.

Building change capability involves specific learning and skill development. This requires an assessment of key learning needs followed by interventions with a proven history of delivering the outcomes you want.

As change capability increases, improved change outcomes can be expected.

Who Needs Increased Capability?

All stakeholders need to become more capable around change. This includes all employees, team members, operational managers, team leaders, middle managers, senior leaders, change managers, coaches, HR, OD, L&D professionals, and anyone else who manages or is affected by change.

Everyone needs to develop their own personal change capacity – their change fitness. Change fitness is the single biggest determinant of success or failure with change. But, to do that, they need awareness of what change fitness is, what they personally need to develop, and a proven methodology to help them.

Managers and leaders at all organisational levels also need to know how to help and support stakeholders in developing their change fitness. They also need to know how to measure it and how to leverage it during change. In other words, they need to know how to develop organisational change readiness.

Organisational change readiness is not about preparation or getting ready for change. Change readiness is about being ready to meet all the demands of the change process. Leaders and managers need specific knowledge and skills to do this effectively.

What Benefits Can You Expect?

Like anything else, you need capability to succeed and work efficiently. When you and your team develop greater change fitness and change readiness, here’s what you can reasonably expect to see:

  • more engagement in change projects
  • lower levels of resistance
  • less stress in the workplace
  • lower absenteeism
  • less staff turnover
  • higher change adoption rates
  • less disruption to the business environment

You’re not going to see these benefits immediately – it takes time for change to take place. But you can see real improvements in weeks or months. We’re talking months here, not years.

Would you like to see these benefits in your organisation? What dollar value would these benefits mean for you? It’s relatively cheap to get the knowledge and skills you need, but the alternatives are much more costly.

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