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Sub Your Business

Sub Your Business There has been a lot of talk recently about the nuclear subs Australia plans to acquire from the US and, eventually, build. Many have questioned the logic behind this decision, particularly given the costs of nuclear submarines.But what’s interesting is the defence of the project provided by Australia’s leaders. Here is, as I understand it, what they [...]

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Is Your Organisation Ready For Change?

How can you tell if your organisation is ready for change? This is not a simple question because, before we can answer this question, we must first answer 3 other questions. The first is this – what do we mean by change readiness? It is easy to use these 2 words but to what do they refer? Be careful [...]

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The Ocean

In last week’s post, I wrote that change readiness is primarily about the capacity to succeed in the change process. Today, I want to take this idea deeper.I want you to think about the ocean. If you were on a ship far from the shore, your primary experience of the ocean would be shaped by its surface. Sometimes the ocean [...]

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What ideas come to mind when you think of the term ‘change readiness’? I don’t know what the term means to you but let me suggest some ideas of what it means for some. For some people change readiness is a feeling. It’s a feeling that the time for change has arrived. It’s time to make a change and [...]