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Catherine Mattiske

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Catherine Mattiske started her career in Adelaide, South Australia.  She has been in technology training for all her career.  She moved to Sydney for a technology training role.  It was boring.  Catherine decided to do some contracting until a “real job” came along.  After 30 years, she has never had a “real job”.

Catherine has been self-employed and grown a business over most of her career.  One pivotal day, in a coffee shop in Balmain, Sydney, she sat with a piece of paper and a coffee and did a 10-year life and business plan.  As part of this, Catherine decided it would be great to take her business to the US.  She now has offices in the US, Europe and Asia.

·        Attitude: what is possible? Where are the opportunities?

·        Do not get left behind

·        Take responsibility

·        The world is changing.  Everyone is doing their best to keep up.

·        If you are not learning, then you are being left behind.

·        Take the initiative yourself.  It is up to you if you learn. 

·        How do you learn the best?  What is your style?

·        It is not about training.  It is about learning.

·        Are you learning what you need to learn?

·        Leaders need to lead and connect with their teams in a virtual world.

·        Everyone has a choice.  Start to do something different.

Do something new today.