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Steve is Managing Director at The Change Gym. He is a Certified Change Fitness Coach and an organisational change readiness consultant. You can contact him on steve@thechangegym.com.


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Failure. It’s not a four-letter word but it’s still a dirty word in many places.From this starting point, we could explore attitudes towards failure and the importance of psychological safety as a key cultural element.But we won’t.Instead, let’s explore why failure happens.In the September 18, 2018 edition of Forbes, Harvard professor Amy C. Edmonson provided an outline of why people fail. Let me interpret her ideas, ranked from negative to positive. People fail because of:Deviance – they intentionally choose to [...]

Is My Organisation Ready to Change?

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What is the critical factor indicating the organisation is ready for the change?This is a great question but before we delve into an answer, let’s stop for a moment and think about ‘the change’. The change (whatever it is) must be a response to a problem (either something is wrong, or there is an opportunity to grasp).  The change could be anything – new IT solutions, new markets, new business processes, etc.Whatever ‘the change’ is, it will probably succeed or [...]

On the Kubler-Ross Model

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On the Kubler-Ross ModelI have written elsewhere about the Kubler-Ross Model (KRM).I have nothing against the model, but I do have a problem with it when it’s used as a model of change. Unfortunately, it is often used that way in the commercial world, and often by change managers.I won’t go into a description of the model – check it out online if you are not familiar with it.However, I will give you some reasons why it should not be [...]

Competitive Advantage

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Whether a business survives and thrives depends on how creatively it adapts to future demands, not how well it has performed in the past. Adapting to an unknown and unpredictable future requires agility. Becoming more agile in how we think and work is the best preparation we can make right now for whatever the future brings. Where Competitive Advantage Comes FromTechnology doesn’t provide much competitive advantage anymore because the same technologies are accessible to most businesses. Real competitive advantage comes from adaptable people working with [...]

Agile People Agile Business

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Agile People Agile Business A Matter of Survival Our survival will come down to how agile our minds are. Humanity has many problems to solve - climate change, social inequality, the threat of war, political instability, to name a few. These problems raise serious question marks over our survival. We have the potential to venture into the solar system and establish colonies on other planets. But we also have the potential to destroy the human project altogether. Which of [...]

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Cultural Knowledge

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For most of human existence, change happened slowly. For generations people hunted and foraged, or later farmed the land or kept animals. Not much changed. But that’s far from our experience today. We count change in years, not millennia. But why has this happened? It has happened because of memes. Memes (coined by Richard Dawkins) are bits of cultural knowledge that spread quickly between people. They are like a pandemic, passing from one person to another. But what is [...]

Getting to Know Agility

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Getting to Know Agility What do we know about the strategic creation of agile organisations?In 2014, Schulling reported on a 25 year-long study into this question. Here are 6 insights from that study.Develop an inquiry focus. Don’t base decisions on assumed knowledge but foster an attitude of inquiry.Encourage diverse views. For most business issues, there is no one right answer. Seek multiple perspectives.Create a safe environment. If you want people to think and act in agile ways, they need to [...]

Why Agility Is Important

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Why Agility Is Important We all know that business in the 21st century is different from what it was in the 20th century. In the 20th century, competitive advantage was based on economies of scale, hierarchy, and control. In the 21st century, competitive advantage is based on a more entrepreneurial mindset.The key to sustained competitive advantage in today’s volatile business environment is the ability to manage complex networks of resources and relationships capable of taking advantage of short-lived opportunities. This [...]

The Meaning of Management

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The Meaning of Management What does management mean to you? What did it mean in the past and how has it changed over time? Social Change Before the start of the Industrial Revolution in the late 1700’s, most people lived and worked in small communities. The corporations or government enterprises we are familiar with today did not exist at that time. Hence, managing people and workload was not so complicated a matter.However, industrialisation saw the establishment of many large enterprises [...]

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