Identify Errors

One way to improve a system is to remove errors that prevent the system from working properly. In human systems, like organisations and businesses, it’s not easy to identify where the errors lay. This is because there are so many variables and it’s difficult to determine causal relationships.

To overcome this problem you need good theory – a good understanding of the variables and how they work together. And you need specific tools that allow you to measure what’s going on.

One of the challenges you face when identifying errors is knowing what is a cause and what is a symptom. Errors can be either/or, or both. Expert knowledge may be needed to identify what is a causal error and what is a symptomatic error.

Reliable Assessments

Unless you get a reliable assessment of what the errors are you are shooting in the dark. 

You risk wasting time and money working on the wrong things. And not addressing the errors in the system that continue to undermine performance.

We can provide you with reliable assessments in certain areas. Specifically, these areas are:

  • how adaptable your people are – you might think they are adaptable, but subjective assessments are usually unreliable.
  • how agile your organisation is in terms of leadership, culture, and processes.
  • how ‘on-board’ your people are with a particular change project
  • how ready your managers and leaders are to lead a change project

The first 2 areas listed above relate to your organisation’s change capacity. If there are errors in this part of the system, they will decrease your effectiveness around change and cost you money. They will also make you less competitive.