An Agility Strategy

The first thing needed to create an agile strategy is the right knowledge. You need real science to support what you do.

Don’t work off hunches. If you get the wrong knowledge, you’ll build errors into your strategy and create more problems than you solve.

The right knowledge covers 3 areas.

  1. Understanding The Success Pattern and how change works.
  2. Understanding change fitness – those psychological capacities that make people successful.
  3. Understanding change readiness – the type of business environment that helps change succeed.

The good news is we have done most of the heavy lifting for you. Contact us for a free discussion about your current situation and your future needs.

A Word About Agile Methodologies

You will probably be familiar with agile approaches, like Kanban or Scrum. We are not talking about any of these approaches.

We are talking about the psychological resources that help people think and act in agile ways.  These resources do not reside in the agile methodologies themselves. They reside in adaptable people and agile businesses. 

Just ask yourself this question: who would you rather have on an agile team – Elon Musk or Homer Simpson? Homer might be more fun, but who would add more value?