The Two Pathways

The Problem Pathway

Every business experiences problems, but not every business is agile enough to generate quick and effective solutions to those problems.

We know we have a problem when the reality we expected does not match up with the reality we experience. But this disconnect also gives us useful information about our expectations.

Our expectations are wrong. They are wrong because they don’t provide an accurate explanation of how things work in the real world. 

Creating better explanations requires us to be mentally agile. So, we need mentally agile people in our business to work out what’s going on and to come up with a better explanation of reality.

But what happens if people are not mentally agile? They look at problems and come up with poor explanations. They also become discouraged, overwhelmed, and begin to disengage. They add to the list of problems.

This is how businesses become uncompetitive. This is the problem pathway, and you don’t want to be there.

The Positive Pathway

The good news is that any business can become more agile and walk a more positive pathway. The way to do this is to help people become more mentally agile, and then get them working on finding better explanations of reality that lead to better solutions to problems.

There are two imperatives. One is to create better methods to get your job done, and the other is to solve errors in the system that produce problems. You need to do both – you cannot improve unless you do both at the same time.

And you need lots of agile people working together with agile systems in an agile business to achieve both.

When you do that, you are in a position to make some rational predictions about the future of the business. That people will find creative solutions to problems. That the business will become more effective in achieving its goals. That it will become more competitive in its market. That it will have better prospects, and that its employees will feel more engaged and happier.

That’s the positive pathway and it’s full of positive potential and possibilities.

So, do you want to know how to become more agile as a business?