Think About Agility

If you want your business to grow and have a sustainable future, you need to consider its agility. Just because a business has performed well in the past is no guarantee it will continue to do so in the future.

Whether it survives and thrives depends on how creatively it adapts to future demands, not on how well it has performed in the past. 

Adapting to an unknown and unpredictable future requires agility. Becoming more agile in how we think and work is the best preparation we can make right now for whatever the future brings. 

Get the Perspective Right

Many people get excited about AI and the potential it brings to business. There’s certainly a lot to be excited about, but we must keep AI in perspective.

It is a tool. It will help people process large amounts of information in short amounts of time. It can be used to help leaders make better decisions. But leaders always need to make better decisions. They always need to become more agile in how they think, process information and make decisions.

Technology extends our reach and helps us see more clearly. But it also has limitations. It can’t be creative in the human sense. It doesn’t have common sense in the same way people do. It doesn’t provide any real competitive advantage because it’s relatively available to all people. 

But technology can free people from tedious tasks that quash creativity and allow them to have more time to think creatively.

Technology provides tools that are available to most businesses but real competitive advantage comes from people. It comes from the people who use those tools to create opportunities and solve problems.  It comes from agile people working with agile systems in agile businesses. 

Agile businesses use technology as tools to help people create new knowledge (creative thinking) and correct errors (critical thinking). That is the only way to make progress.

People with agile minds working with agile systems in agile businesses are the best assets any business can ever have. So, we need to ensure we’re on the right pathway.