About the Series

These 4 videos are based on solid research – they are not opinions. You will hear what you need to know to get off to the best start in managing change. You can’t afford not to know this information. 

This FREE video series is designed to help you get properly orientated in the way you approach change.

The first video examines the success pattern found in the change process and how you make that pattern work in your favour.

In the second video, we consider what might be a negative side of change, but one you must understand if you are to be successful. We also reflect on another model that’s often touted as ‘the model of change’, and we show how to understand that model for what it really is.

The third video shows what it takes to be successful at change and how to keep moving forward to success.

In the fourth and final video, we reflect on how you can make practical use of all this information to help deliver the change outcomes you want.

These 4 videos lay down the foundation of what you need to know about change and what it takes to succeed.

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What People Say

“Fantastic. I found these videos engaging and they showed me a different way to think about change. Highly recommended.”

Sean, Adelaide


“As a small business owner in the IT industry who is thinking about a merger, this series of videos helped me understand how to achieve the outcomes I want. Steve really knows his stuff.”

Chris, Gold Coast