An organisation’s change readiness is its readiness to succeed at the change process. It is not about an organisation’s readiness to begin a change project – it is about readiness to succeed at the change process.

Stakeholders who are unable to succeed at the change process level cannot help an organisation succeed at the change project level.

Project success occurs when an acceptable number of stakeholders succeed at the change process within an acceptable timeframe and at an acceptable cost.

When we help organisations build change readiness, we ask 4 key questions.

First, how much change fitness do the stakeholders have? This refers to their individual and collective psychological capacity to navigate the change process successfully.

Second, is the organisational culture ready to support change? Every organisation has a culture and culture defines the group identity, what people believe, and how the group acts. Change may challenge this group identity, what it believes, and how it acts, and so the culture must be ready to accept this change.

Third, are the leaders ready to model and lead this change? There is a lot of ground we cover in this one.

Fourth, are the process, policies, and structures (PPS) ready to support the change? You could think of PPS as a pipeline. It is a structure within which certain behaviours can flow. The existing pipeline allows current behaviours to flow, but it may need to change to facilitate new behaviours to flow.

When these 4 areas work in harmony, the organisation is ready to succeed at the change process and will, therefore, be more ready for successful project outcomes.

So, if you want stakeholders who handle change well, a change-friendly and adaptable culture, highly effective change leaders and managers, and efficient processes, you need to start building change readiness.

When you do so, change will be more successful and so will you. We can help you with a framework and tools to make this task easier.

Steve Barlow
Author: Steve Barlow

Steve heads up The Change Gym. He is a change readiness specialist. You can contact him at