Becoming Adaptable, Remaining Stable

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When I was a kid we had a game called Fiddle Sticks, also called Pick Up Sticks. You had a container of sticks which you’d empty onto the table, creating a random structure. Each player would try to remove one stick at a time, trying to prevent the structure from collapsing. With a steady hand, you’d gingerly remove a stick, trying very hard not to disturb the others and collapse the whole pile.

Like that game

In a way, our lives […]

Are We Free or Programmed?

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How much freedom do we have to change? This is an important question because our beliefs affect the structure of our thinking, how we approach the world, and what we think is possible.

Many barriers

I once worked with people who had many barriers that negatively impacted their lives. Some battled addictions, others low educational attainment and poor work history, and most had multiple problems. For the most part, they wanted to change.

But many approached change from opposite ends of […]

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