Build the Capacity to Change

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I believe change is possible for everyone, but that doesn’t mean everyone has the capacity to change. What does that mean?

What do we mean by ‘change’?

We need to go back to basics. What do we mean by ‘change’? Over 40 years ago, two American researchers explained to us what is meant by change. They showed us that change doesn’t just happen – it’s not an event. It might look like an event when we look back on it (I […]

What Is a Change Fitness Coach?

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Steve, what is a change fitness coach?

I have been asked this question many times, so I thought I would write down my answer. I will make my answer simple but bear in mind that behind this simple answer lies a depth of abstract concepts and academic research.

A change fitness coach is an experienced and highly skilled coach who has undertaken further training to help their clients develop change fitness. You probably understand all of that except for […]

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