Change Readiness Assessment

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What Does Our Change Readiness Assessment Check? The Change Gym provides comprehensive change readiness assessments for organisational change. We check 3 key areas of an organisation's change readiness. These are the: Stakeholder engagement in the change initiative - whether they are 'on board'. This is a key metric. We have developed an online change readiness assessment based on the research of Armenakis, who has spent over 40 years studying organisational change readiness. Readiness of your change management team [...]

What’s Next?

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We need to be willing to change. Change is the essence of life. Those words aren’t mine: they come from American psychiatrist Dr. Gordon Livingston. After listening to people telling him their woes, and his favourite therapeutic question was, “What’s next?” Good question. What's next? I listened have to many painful stories hen I delivered anger management programs in the NSW prison system. But we all have our stories to tell. Everyone has been let down by someone, [...]

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