Change Readiness Assessments

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We provide change readiness assessments for businesses and organisations facing change. Change readiness assessments fall into four broad categories. We can assess your: stakeholder readiness to engage in a specific change (their readiness to engage) change management team's readiness for a specific change people's fitness for change (their readiness to succeed at change) organisational readiness for change (the organisation's agility or adaptability) Assessments can be tailored to your needs. Each of these assessments will provide valuable information to [...]

Change Readiness Training

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The Change Gym provides change readiness training and coaching for organisational leaders wanting to better understand this important issue. There is a large body of literature on the nature of the change process and on change management strategies and approaches. Literature on change readiness is harder to find, and much less work has been done on it. The training we provide blends knowledge from three sources to shed light on change readiness. These sources are: The Transtheoretical Model [...]